Beginner Acro Yoga Jedi Box and Jedi Crawl Tutorial

Welcome to today’s post of a curio go Super Dave our pose for today is Jedi box and Jedi crawl just great core workout for my flyer today I have BJ over here we’re gonna start off with lay up to the ground knees over the hips then BJ here we’ll place our hands on to my knees likewise notice my hands just below her knees around the levy good then so to lift her up hey her arms are straight my heart is straight her hips are stuck over her knees my knees are shackled my tips from here we go dropper whitening in all gone by left again and extend them okay switch through the few rounds okay come down on our feet to the floor which is a 10x doing Jedi up boxes then I do the home practice for 10 I boxes and soon actually hand side plank. So we’re going to start off demoing handstand pipes. And just kind of get familiar with that position I have a starting that worked out okay place my hands bring in front of our hands well place one put my toe to point it out.

Beginner Acro Yoga Jedi Box and Jedi Crawl Tutorial Photo Gallery

And then from here I straighten my legs my ear to the room. So I create a 90-degree shape with my body just get comfortable with this Chris you want a variation it was one night ball one, if you can any hand step okay some once you get practice with those hands and pikes then come around to divide boxes so PJ’s gonna grab my ankles my feet are approximately hip distance that way that’s kind of shoulder length Roper I grab on to her ankles you can start off with straight arms or you can start off with bed elders thanks on the inhale a lift step one step two she certain foods or a pipe it’s over her shoulders. And the notice my arms referring to my ears in not yeah. And then to switch positions great way to do this is to bend the elbows. And it will roll up to one side.

So I roll over now you press up I lift my hips up then look towards me turn that way I can keep my hands on you before then go back down. And then I really special okay that ends today’s post of Accra goes ah Curiel goes Super Dave tune in tomorrow for our next post.

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