Your Reality is a reflection of your Strongest Beliefs

One of the big reasons why you don’t have the body and you have failed many times in the past is simply because you lack the belief that YOU CAN achieve it or that it’s possible. You have probably failed over and over for years. I get it and I understand why you could feel this way. But know that the only thing holding you back from you getting the BOOTY and the body you want is YOU. By not believing in yourself or that it’s possible, you don’t commit to your nutrition, you give half-ass effort to your diet, half-assed effort to your training, and you self-sabotage.

The consequence is you never get the results you seek. So know that you MUST believe in yourself and believe it is possible. There are millions of stories of women who were really overweight and then got into incredible shape. It IS POSSIBLE; people do it all the time. I do it with my online and personal training clients all the time, so believe it. It is possible and it is possible for you. Believe in yourself, in the process, and you will achieve it. I’m about to give you the step-by-step, proven, BEST fucking information and strategies in existence that are going to get you the booty and body you have always wanted. All you have to do is DTFW, DTBW, and follow the plan! As you start to see results, your belief will grow.

Your Reality is a reflection of your Strongest Beliefs Photo Gallery

As your belief grows, you will WORK that much harder. Progress is very motivating. As a matter of fact, Tony Robbins says that “Progress is the key to happiness.” This is because things in life that aren’t progressing make us miserable. But when things are improving, it’s exhilarating and exciting! The first step is to BELIEVE it is possible! Self-image I mentioned this a second ago, so let me explain it. Simply put, your self-image is how you see yourself in your mind. For example, if I were to ask you, “How do you look right now to yourself in your mind?” The answer you immediately see and say is your current self-image. Whether it’s 160 pounds or 120 pounds, with a flat ass or fat rolls, whatever your self-image is, you’re going to get.

Self-image is important because this image you have of yourself is the target your subconscious mind words at creating. If you see yourself as heavy, fat, lazy, having a flat booty, a binge eater, weak, undisciplined, or chubby, that’s exactly the type of behaviors you are going to create. Your brain is a complex computer program that is always delivering the results of the programs that are installed. Most of you have really poor programming, so we have to WORK on reprogramming your mind to develop your body. Having a poor self-image is one of the HUGE reasons why you have always fallen off track, lost steam, and self-sabotaged in the past. You’re not even aware that you have this or do this, which is why I’m teaching you about it.

Your subconscious mind controls up to 98% of your daily actions, choices, and behaviors. Your beliefs also create the images you see in your mind. So if you have negative beliefs about fitness, food, working out, and your body, your actions will always be negative. Your self-image is vital because you have to reprogram and CHANGE IT to change your body. This takes a lot of practice, focus, and mental training. It’s not going to be instant, but your self-image will reprogram and evolve with time. Just know that this is vital for your success. To help you understand how this affects you, let me explain it in a way you’ll understand. Your subconscious mind is kind of like the thermostat in your home. If your thermostat is set at say 66 degrees, it will always work to bring you there. So if it gets warmer and goes to over 67, what happens? The air conditioning kicks on and brings it back down to 66.

I fit drops to 65 degrees, what happens? The furnace kicks on and warms up the house to 66 again. This is how your subconscious mind works. This is why working on your self-image, your beliefs, and goals are vital. Here’s why. Let’s take two examples. Let’s say you are the average American woman who weighs 168 pounds or a slim, skinny-fat woman with a flat butt. If You walk around seeing yourself as 168 pounds, then start eating right, working out, and doing everything right, you lose 20 pounds. Your mind’s thermostat is going to kick in at some point. You will only get so far before the subconscious mind kicks in to bring you back up to the self-image of 168 pounds. Then you’ll find yourself at a party or dinner, face deep in pizza and cake saying, “Fuck it! My diet starts Monday!” Then you’ll start skipping workouts, you’ll start putting LIFE events as a priority, kids as a priority, constantly making excuses, and procrastinating. You’ll put everything and everyone in front of your nutrition and training, and it will keep doing this until you get back up to 168 pounds. That’s the GOAL image your mind is working to create. Let’s take the skinny-fat version, for example.

If your self-image is of you as soft with a flat butt and then you start to get some BOOTY GAINS, a very similar thing will start to happen. You may get lax on your diet. You may stop tracking your macros, eating protein, you may start training less intense, training less often, or completely stop training and using life as your excuse. You’ll put everything else as a priority over your training and nutrition until you lose those booty gains and get your flat booty back like the image in your mind. Make sense? Good. This is 99% of the people who walk into the gym daily. They don’t understand the vital importance of MENTAL training, beliefs, self-image, or any of this. They don’t understand that incredible physiques come from incredible training of the MIND.

This is also why it’s very important that you set CLEAR, specific goals, and you visualize yourself with your DREAM body and booty. Both of these help to imprint the body and booty you DO WANT in your mind and overwrite the old programming, thereby overwriting the old body you don’t want anymore. So now, think about the last time you fell off the wagon, the excuses you started using, the beliefs you had, and then think about who you THINK you are. In your mind, how do you see yourself? As a matter of fact, look at yourself right now in the mirror or that photo you just took. THAT IS the current self-image and beliefs you have about yourself. What you have now is your CURRENT self-image. If you are out of shape, you probably see yourself as that FAT version, that lazy version, the inconsistent one, and the one that always gives in to pizza and cake when it’s in your presence.

Or you’re the one with that flat booty, right? (Yes, I know I’m right.) This is proven science. If You deny it, you’re lying to yourself. If you actually saw yourself as fit, lean, and defined with that badass booty, YOU WOULD ALREADY HAVE IT! That’s a fact! But you don’t, which means your self-image is flawed and the image you have of yourself is currently of the body you don’t want. We have to fıx this! Your beliefs also contribute to this self-image. Let’s revisit the beliefs. Do any of these beliefs sound like how you think or things you say?

• “I’m too busy.”

• “I could never look like that.”

• “I don’t have the discipline.”

• “I’m lazy.”

• “I’m fat.”

• “I have a slow metabolism”

What kind of behaviors and actions do you think these create? These all create images in your mind and those exact behaviors in your life. Want to know what the two most powerful words are? The words “I am” are the most powerful ones in existence. Whatever comes after these words becomes a COMMAND for your mind. Whether positive or negative, whatever you identify as or believe becomes REALITY. Want an example? Let’s break this down. If you believe “I’m too busy,” what do you think will happen? You will waste time, procrastinate, and put other things as a priority over your nutrition and training, which will eliminate any opportunity to create time to train or prepare food. You’re not too busy, you’re full of shit. There are tons of women with more businesses, more stressors, and more kids that still manage to make it happen. How do you think they did it? It’s because they made it a priority!

They obsess about it, they sacrifice for it, and put in the EFFORT every damn day! To make time, you are going to have to sacrifice something to get what you want. Sacrifice sleep, TV, social media, and socializing. Something is going to have to be cut so you can make your new lifestyle a priority. You’re not going to just find time, you have to make it a priority and MAKE TIME. Turn that belief into “I always MAKE time to work on my body,” or just borrow mine, “I never miss. I work out every day.” Even if it’s just for 15 minutes because my day is stacked, traveling, or otherwise, I get it in. I don’t miss intentionally, EVER. I don’t take rest days. I do lighter, active recovery days if I’m in need of more soft tissue work, but I still train.

I think I’ve missed three days in the past five years, and they were due to travel issues outside of my control. Becoming your best requires you giving your BEST EFFORT. If you believe “I don’t have discipline,” this belief will deliver exactly that. Discipline is not something you are just given at birth. It’s not something that just magically appears. There’s no discipline fairies that are going to sprinkle discipline dust on you. Discipline is just like a muscle. The more you train, the stronger it gets. You have to develop discipline. It’s a skill you must learn how to apply and use daily to navigate life’s challenges, temptations, and events. The people you see that seem to be very disciplined have been working on that for YEARS. They have done it so much that discipline is now an ingrained habit. Even for me, this is years of disciplining myself so now it’s all a habit. Once it’s a habit, it’s easy.

You CAN become incredibly disciplined. You WILL become incredibly disciplined. But first you have to change that belief. Turn that belief into “I am developing strong self-discipline.” “I could never…” This belief is common and why most ladies never get the booty or body they want. The truth is YES, you can, but you have to BELIEVE and DBW. Change that to “I AM doing the booty work daily.” “I’m lazy.” What kind of behaviors do you think this belief is going to create? Lazy! So what would be a better belief to replace this with? When you think of someone who is fit, energetic, and active, what is the word that resonates with you? (Hustler, fit, grinder, beast, energetic, focused, committed, determined, active, dedicated, crazy?) Whichever one resonates with you, turn that “I’m lazy” into “IAM.” For example, “I AM committed!” “I’m fat.” If you have this belief, what kind of self-image do you think this makes?

What do you think you’re always going to be as long as you keep saying this? Fat. From now on, “I USED to be fat.” Now you are “Fit. Bootylicious. Booty-ful. Lean. Defined. Bangin’! Sexy. Hot. Fine as hell. Sexy AF,” etc. Change that belief into what you WANT to become and resonate with how you think. For example, my personal ones because they resonate with how I think are, “I’m a bad muthafucker! I’m a sexy bitch. I’m a ripped muthafucker! I’m sexy AF!” These are my legit beliefs. If You have ever been around me, you have heard me say these, because this is how I THINK. Just saying, “I’m handsome and defined,” or some weak-ass shit like that won’t work for me. That’s not how I think. Put this in your own words but remember, you are a beautiful, feminine woman, so embrace your femininity. My terms are very masculine and a woman who acts masculine is very UNSEXY.

Masculine men are highly attracted to very feminine women (think Paris Hilton, who embodies feminine mastery) and repulsed by masculinity. Think in terms that are in your words, but feminine. Let’s move on… “I have a slow metabolism.” No, you don’t. You have a you-eat-toofucking-much-ism, period. We will discuss this later on, but just know that belief is pure bullshit. BULLSHIT! It only seems slow because you overeat constantly. You eat enough to feed five people. If I ever hear those words come out of your mouth, I will bitch slap you on the spot – and the cookies will probably go flying out.

Do you see how these beliefs can totally create negative behaviors? Do you see why I am covering the mindset before we get into the booty diet and training? Get these old self-limiting beliefs in check because they are all bullshit. This bad programming has been sabotaging you your whole life and you never knew it until now. This mental training and mental shift is vital for your success because I’m about to give you the best fucking information and program ON THE PLANET. But if your self-image and belief systems are fucked up, you’re going to self-sabotage it or not do it at all, never getting that hot body or those booty gains. So to get this body, the MOST important element is to TRAIN YOUR MIND! This is DAILY, and you will continue improving day after day. You have to MIND your booty; train your mind and develop that ass!


One thing you’re going to learn about me is that I create hacks for EVERYTHING. I find the simplest, easiest way to dial in a skill and then 10X it! If You read my other book, you know what I’m talking about. Here are a couple of mindset hacks so we can REPROGRAM your mind, your beliefs, and your self-image: 1. Set specific goals. 2. Visualize already having it. So let’s talk about the first one: goal setting. “Those who write down their goals achieve 1,000%o more than those who do not.” -Brian Tracy Would you like to get 1,000% more results? HELL YES! I’m just going to jump in and give you the hacks. Remember earlier when I said you need to do the written exercises? This is one of the MAIN ones you MUST do. Goal Setting is vital for creating urgency to DTW and for creating the self image we have been talking about. You see, when you set your goals and write them down, it does three things.

It makes you envision them, it makes you dial in on the specifics, and it makes you imagine yourself with the body. This basically gives your brain the CORRECT TARGET to aim for. By constantly writing down your fitness goals, booty goals, goal weight, goal physique, and even other fitness goals like strong lifts or fast times, this all gives your mind a specific target to WORK towards. Our brains are goal-seeking organisms. Most of you have never set goals, especially not in writing, which is a big reason why you never achieved your goal.

Training without having a specific target is like trying to drive to Bloomingdales with your eyes closed, blindfolded, in the dark, with no headlights. How the hell do you expect to get there to do your shopping for high-end retail when you have no clue where the fuck you’re going? Sounds dumb, right? Well, this is exactly what you have been doing your whole life, which is why you DON’T have the body yet. But if we get in the car, punch the address into our navigation, and drive during the daytime in sunny skies with no traffic, we are going to get there quickly for sure, right? This is what setting goals does for you. I can literally write an entire book on this topic, and lots of people have, but I’m just going to give you three quick steps on how to set goals.

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