Your Guide to Decluttering Your Bathroom Cabinet

YOU PROBABLY DON’T GIVE much thought to the jumble inside your medicine chest until you open the door and an avalanche of products falls out. Before another one bites the dust, take my advice. You can keep order (and your sanity) with just a few inexpensive organizers.

1 Attract essential tools Adhere two magnetic strips to the inside of the door. Use one to keep tabs on metal tweezers, clippers, and bobby pins and the other to hold tin spice jars full of hair ties.

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2 Keep supplies visible Take cotton swabs and balls as well as makeup sponges out of their packaging and store them in a divided clear box so you can see when you’re running low.

3-SECTION ACRYLIC EDGE STACKING BIN, $7, 3|Double shelf space Add a slim riser to make better use of the area above tiny tubes and jars, and you’ll never have to play Jenga with your anti-agers again. ACRYLIC RISER, from $4,

4 Clear the counter These rubber holders are ideal for tucking toothbrushes and razors behind closed doors, where they’ll stay cleaner and last longer too. CABLE DROPS, $10 for six,

5 Upcycle containers Your favorite candle is an organizer in waiting. When it has burned down to the wick, put it in the freezer overnight and any leftover wax will pop right out. Then stand makeup brushes or pencils inside the holder. Pretty and free!


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