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Yogic meditation on vv.45-52, is a substantial section on dharana (concentration) and samyama (extended concentration). Here, dharana seems to be used to refer to a form of prana manipulation for the eradication of disease and the destruction of sins. Samyama, as in the Yoga Sutra, is directed towards different foci in order to obtain a range of knowledges and powers, such as knowledge of the various realms of existence (loka), knowledge of the past and future, knowledge of others minds, the power to eradicate hunger and thirst and celestial vision. Five kinds of pratyahara and five kinds of dharana are described, plus two kinds of dhyana. Samadhi is described as the union of the jivatman with the paramatman. CONCLUSION In terms of our soteriology scheme, these darsanas present us with a range of mutually exclusive teachings, despite the claims that they are just different perspectives on the same truth. Yogic meditation 2016.

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