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Yogic breathing exercises on In this scheme of interpretation, practice and detachment can both be seen to contribute to the yogin s progress in distinct yet essentially equal and complementary ways. This strategy for resolving these issues will not, of course find favour with many interpreters of the Yoga Sutras. Nevertheless, I would argue that even if my own solution proves to be untenable those of Vyasa and other traditional commentators, not to mention a number of modern scholars, are equally problematic and require further scrutiny. What the foregoing analysis reveals in general terms is that the parts of book 1 which ought to have a coherent relationship to each other do so, but not in the way that traditional commentators have construed it. The comparison of book 1 s teachings with those of the other three has not been attempted here for that would require too detailed and extensive an enquiry. One or two clues have been forthcoming, however. The pattern of listing two topics in one order and then expounding them in detail in the reverse order well exemplified in book 2 can, in the light of the analysis presented above, be seen to operate in book 1 also. Yogic breathing exercises 2016.

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