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Yogic asanas on This mistaken identification by purusa leads him to think that he is actually bound up with the transformation of prakrti and hence experiencing a series of lives. This is samsara.37 The aim of both Samkhya and Yoga is for the purusa to realize his true identity and cease to be involved with prakrti. This state of non-involvement is called kaivalya (isolation or aloneness).38 Samkhya s method for gaining such realization is one of reflection and discrimination between what is self and what is not self. In Yoga the technique is to gradually turn the mind away from the world and direct it inwards. Once this process is successful, the buddhi or most subtle aspect of mind no longer acts like a lens to direct purusa s attention towards the world but rather functions as a kind of mirror and reflects purusa back at himself. Yogic asanas 2016.

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