Yogaview for More woodland was cleared in the years after European colonization than in years in Europe. The world continues to undergo net deforestation. Most tropical and developing countries experienced continued net loss of forest cover between and although there are exceptions. After decades of forest loss, China is now undergoing reforestation following a major national program of tree planting. India also experienced an increase in forest cover during this period. Where the rate of deforestation has slowed in tropical countries, it is sometimes due to proactive policies to arrest the causes of deforestation, although in many cases it is because previously high rates of deforestation mean that there is now only a limited area of forest left to clear. In many of the countries in Europe, North America, and Japan forest cover was either stable or increasing from to although this needs to be understood in the context of significant loss of forest cover in these countries before and during the twentieth century. Yogaview photos, Yogaview 2016.

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