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Yogasana poses on 13. There are many other examples. In short, for many of the Rigvedic poets these terms can be used interchangeably. This, in part, is because many of the Vedic thinkers tended to trace all principles of existence back to a single origin or source, the most prominent of which were agni (fire), atman (self, though the word had a variety of meanings in the early Vedic literature), brahman (the expansive), prana (breath), purusa (person) and vac (speech). Some of these concepts cluster together more than others. Crudely, for the situation is complex, atman, prana, purusa and vayu tend to go together and so too do brahman, vac, viraj, the udgitha (high chant of the Samaveda) and the uktha (high chant of the Rgveda). Purusa and prana have a particular association with form (rupa) whilst brahman and vac are particularly associated with sound (nama or sabda). Yogasana poses 2016.

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