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Yoga zone for But monitoring such a complex multiple-attribute phenomenon on a global scale will be difficult. One reason is that only a few of its attributes, such as water erosion, can be measured by remote sensing. Another, shown by detailed research by Mary Tiffen, Michael Mortimore and others, is that the extent and degree of desertification vary greatly from place to place. To fully encompass this contextual variation will require an entirely new approach to combining scientific and lay contextual knowledge. Continental Areas Suffering at Least Moderate Desertification million hectares, s-s International Cooperation The UN Plan of Action to Combat Desertification, agreed in had four main parts. Part A recommended that governments evaluate the extent of desertification, identify corrective land management measures, ensure public participation and attention to socio-economic aspects, strengthen science and technology, and integrate antidesertification schemes into development planning. Part B called on UN agencies to collaborate in implementing the plan. Yoga zone photos, Yoga zone 2016.

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