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Yoga zone margate for Desertification is now characterized by a complex array of spatio-temporal processes comprising coupled and co-adapting human-environment systems interactions between slowly changing variables, such as soil fertility, and rapidly changing variables, such as crop yields linked to rainfall variation the switching of some environmental features to a new state if they pass a critical threshold and cross-scalar processes, in which agricultural expansion in a humid area may be the ultimate cause of degradation in a dry area hundreds of miles away, making statistical tests of correlations between degradation and socio-economic driving forces in the same area misleading. This approach is synthesized in the Dryland Development Paradigm produced by a team led by James Reynolds. Links between drought, desertification and famine are also complicated. Some communities are more vulnerable than others as they differ in land rights and other entitlements allotted them by society their capacity to cope with stresses and resilience their ability to return to their former mode when stresses end. Daniel Bradley found that Peul pastoralists living in Senegal’s silvo-pastoral zone, for example, cope better with drought than their Wolof neighbours. As their livelihoods have built-in adaptability, the Peul can switch seamlessly into a survival mode, and then switch back to their long-term livelihoods when conditions improve. Wolof croppers are much less resilient, so when drought strikes migration is often inevitable. Yoga zone margate photos, Yoga zone margate 2016.

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