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Yoga your for Clearly, any solution to global warming is going to require a serious examination of air travel. Still, some scientists, as well as leaders of society, argue that it may be too late to stop climate change, given the inertia effect of past decades of carbon burning. That is, even if humanity reduced its carbon impact to zero, there has been such a residual buildup it takes carbon dioxide centuries to leave the atmosphere that climate change is inevitable. The question then becomes how to deal with that change. While there is still much debate about this, all agree that the cost will be immense, largely arising from having to shift large sectors of the human population out of flood-prone coastal areas. The Future As the problems of population shifts and inevitable climate change indicate, the future is not auspicious. Carbon dioxide levels continue to rise, and the use of fossil fuels is increasing worldwide. Yoga your photos, Yoga your 2016.

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