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Yoga yoga for While solutions probably rest ultimately in education, social and economic advancement and the adjustment of population growth to the development of resources, the proximate solution centres on improved land use. This involves three elements a an inventory of local resources and an assessment of their capabilities and potential b a determination of which uses are desirable in terms of resource capabilities and socioeconomic goals and constraints and c a system for implementing the resulting plan for the optimum use, reclamation and protection of natural resources. The causes of desertification vary among the affected regions of the world owing to differences in their ecological characteristics and their social and economic structures and aspirations. Each region may require a distinctive approach to desertification problems. With natural resource management as its primary concern, this Plan of Action recommends methods for setting priorities for action against desertification, but it leaves the actual determination of priorities to national policies and plans. There are, however, desertification problems which cross national boundaries, and the Plan of Action aims at strengthening regional and international capabilities to deal with such transnational problems and to provide effective international co-operation when requested. Yoga yoga photos, Yoga yoga 2016.

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