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Yoga with yoga blocks for In the course of staying in power, many states that otherwise respected international human rights committed crimes, such as the Netherlands in the Dutch East Indies now Indonesia in the late s and France in Algeria from to Currently, democratic states have been known to use illegitimate force and violence as well as especially torture against terror suspects. Remarkably, torture has not always been considered a crime. Until the end of the eighteenth century it was considered, in the Western tradition, a legitimate tool in legal procedures and a means to get to the truth. Ideas about torture have changed, however, and since the end of World War II the right not to be tortured is one of the most important fundamental rights within international law and is included in all international human rights treaties violation of this right can amount to a charge of crime against humanity. Nevertheless many states, even democracies that are faced with threats to their national security, tend to rely on torture as a means to extract information. Torture has been used by the governments of Egypt, Libya, and Syria against political opponents, but also by the United States in its War on Terror, which was launched after the attacks. Yoga with yoga blocks photos, Yoga with yoga blocks 2016.

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