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Yoga yama for If we want justice and peace, we must protect the habitat that sustains us. All nations Should also avoid removal of carbon sinks by stopping deforestation, and should strengthen carbon sinks by reforestation of degraded lands. They also need to develop and deploy technologies that draw down excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. These actions must be accomplished within a few decades. Reduce concentrations of warming air pollutants dark soot, methane, lower atmosphere ozone, and hydrofluorocarbons by as much as to slow down climate change during this century while preventing millions of premature deaths from respiratory disease and millions of tons of crop damages every year. Prepare to adapt to the climatic changes, both chronic and abrupt, that society will be unable to mitigate. In particular, we call for a global capacity-building initiative to assess the natural and social impacts of climate change in mountain systems and related watersheds. Yoga yama photos, Yoga yama 2016.

The spiritual adept always has the self-experience I am the sole reality I am of the nature of pure consciousness while living in this world and playing with the material of dead| creation. Moreover he the spiritual adept regards the embodiment of pure consciousness in the physical body as similar to consciousness being associated with a skeleton. When he succeeds in negating his experience of being a limited subject, which arises from his false identification of his Self with his physical body, he regains his true Self which is of the nature of pure consciousness. The physical body then becomes like a corpse to him. He starts imagining his physical body as a skeleton.

The physical body is then made to serve as an instrument for wearing the katikilli mudril skeleton sign. A spiritual adept then imagines his pure Self as associated with that mudra sign which serves as an instrument for the enjoyment of the object of experience. A spiritual adept practices this kind of experience. It is required that a vim sddliaka a particular kind of spiritual adept should show the kaiikiila mudra skeleton sign while practicing his austerities. He enjoys drinking from the skull of the world of objects.

All the five kinds of objects of experience ether, air, fire, water, and earth are objects of our knowledge; thus they can be likened to a skull, a bony object in the head, from which the spiritual adept drinks. In other words, the spiritual adept performs the wonderful feat of sucking the pith the substance or essence of experience while resting in the absolute Self, which is also a kind of austerity. The spiritual adept who practises austerities tastes the drink meant for the ‘brave’ vlra from the skull as indicated by the author, Abhinavagupta, in the above verse by the words universe’s essence etc.

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