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Jois and Desikashar

In recent years another student of Krishnamacharya has had enormous success in the West: Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009) (Wikipedia link). Unlike BKS Iyengar, Jois was no well-formulated theoretician. He only published a single book, which is best described as a dry instructional manual. Unlike Iyengar, Jois was no creative re-designer. He has instead systematised a very strenuous series of asanas and vinyasas combined with special breathing techniques and body locks, all very similar to Krishnamacharya’s original style. This is a classical example of the student Jois making the teacher’s Krishnamacharya creativity into a comprehensive system.

Jois called his system ashtanga-yoga, which was a smart spin, linking it directly to the Yoga Sutra. In that spirit, Jois also maintained that he and Krishnamacharya discovered the ashtanga series in old Sanskrit scriptures called Yoga Kuruntha – sadly❠enough those scriptures have disappeared❠again.100 But instead we have a nice myth.

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