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Yoga workout poses on This feature is far less prominent in the Odyssey and the Upanisads. Instead, we find that people tend to make decisions by working out the best course from a range of alternatives or deciding that some piece of traditional wisdom is faulty and needs to be challenged. Such independence from tradition, with all its advantages for problem solving and planning, came at a price: disconnection from what was perceived as divine authority, and a consequent experience of uncertainty and anxiety. So, since the divine no longer came to humans, humans had to start seeking out and making connection with the divine. Herein lies the birth of religious mysticism, which is essentially a human quest to find divinity within the self. The Upanisads, Buddhism, Jainism and other traditions of yoga all exhibit this mystical orientation. That they began to arrive on the Indian scene when they did is, according to Jaynes, no coincidence for it was part of a much more general change that was happening around the same time in different parts of the world. Yoga workout poses 2016.

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