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Physiology, Homeostasis, and Mood Affects and Mood

Taking up the language of the System of the Dimensions of the Organism (SDO) that serves as the reference point for this textmy yoga blog, the affects are propensities organized by the mechanisms of organismic regulation to coordinate the dimensions of the organism in function of a goal structured by one of the dimensions. There are several types of affects.

The homeostatic instincts form at least two types of propensities:24

1. The instincts of auto-regulation (hunger, thirst, thermoregulation, etc.) have as the first goal the regulation of the internal environment. Having said this, the propensities of this type can be managed in many ways as soon as they are associated to the mental and the behavioral dimensions. These instincts can also serve as a basis for diverse forms of conditioning.

2. The instinctive reactions of flight and fight, above all, are behaviors unleashed by sensorimotor bundles that go through the central nervous system They preserve the survival of the organism in a hostile environment. Only when the mechanisms of regulation of the organism have mobilized the other dimensions of the organism do the behaviors become effective.

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