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Yoga words for Type diabetes is characterized by autoimmune destruction of the pancreas’s beta cells, which secrete insulin, and tends to affect younger people, requiring use of insulin injections to supplement their needs. Both types of diabetes are associated with acute and chronic complications. The occurrence of these disabling and often life-threatening complications varies widely, depending on the individual’s susceptibility, the duration of diabetes, and how well glucose and other vascular risk factors blood pressure, cholesterol are controlled. Acute fluctuations in glucose hyperglycemia, too high, or hypoglycemia, too low tend to occur more often in insulintreated people and require urgent responses they are potentially fatal if untreated. In terms of chronic complications, diabetes can cause or contribute to the emergence of cardiovascular disease coronary heart disease, strokes, and heart failure, eye diseases cataracts, retinopathy, chronic kidney disease and failure, and nerve vascular disease sometimes leading to foot ulcers and amputation. In addition, diabetes predisposes sufferers to other cardio-metabolic risk factors such as high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, and inflammatory conditions. These, in turn, increase the risk of organ-damaging complications. Yoga words photos, Yoga words 2016.

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