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Yoga with you for On November the arms embargo became mandatory. The General Assembly called in for a boycott on cultural, educational, and sports events because of apartheid and for many years South Africans were barred from sports events in addition, South African wine, as well as many other products, could not be exported. Along with such measures, which can be initiated by the UN or by individual states, the international community aims to prevent people from committing crimes against humanity by criminalizing such acts and prosecuting the perpetrators. Many of those convicted by the ICTY and ICTR are convicted for crimes against humanity, and many new cases are referred to the ICC. At the time of this writing there are seven situations under investigation by the ICC Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Darfur Sudan, Kenya, Libya, and Cote d’Ivoire, and in all these cases at least some of the suspects have been indicted for crimes against humanity. In addition to efforts to stop crimes against humanity through embargoes, intervention, and the threat of punishment of perpetrators, many within the international community have moved to help victims, either by direct humanitarian assistance or, less often, by offers of asylum in other countries. The Future Looking ahead, the picture on crimes against humanity is a mixed one. Yoga with you photos, Yoga with you 2016.

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