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Yoga with shanti for However, the alterations needed for a building or zone to be economically profitable raises questions of authenticity. Is it appropriate to change or adapt an existing building or artifact to suit a modern purpose? Does that in some way undermine its historic integrity? Tourism is often touted as a means of offsetting the costs of preservation, and is promoted for this purpose by UNESCO, ICCROM, and many other preservation organizations around the world. However, the distillation of culture that occurs when a tourist briefly stops to take in the Maori culture of New Zealand or life in South African townships can result in a stereotypical or superficial view of that culture. Concerns also arise over the globalization that might occur with increased tourism and the resulting degradation of local culture. Related to issues of authenticity and integrity are questions of what should be preserved. For example, some scholars argue that McDonald’s drive-ins, s gas stations, and suburban strip malls should be saved as manifestations of American roadside culture. Others argue that these places are too ugly or too modern or simply too unimportant to be saved. Yoga with shanti photos, Yoga with shanti 2016.

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