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Overall the text seems to be a Saivite discourse which enveloped a range of Tantric Kula signs. Its goal was to attain perfection’ and still mind, and to avoid recurring rebirths. It promised clues to success within a few days. Kundalini was at the centre of attention. Two techniques for stimulating Kundalini were instructed. One was about pulling the tongue from side to side – a form of a mudra – the other about restraining the breath – pranayama. This stimulated Kundalini to ascend through the body. It is not clear if Kundalini left the body or not as she finally embraced Siva’ and then disappeared’ – whatever that might mean. The fluids of the subtle body were briefly mentioned in relation to Kundalini as she consumed them.

The text, however, does not identify itself as either yoga or hatha. It remained a nameless practice described through a range of techniques related to notions of the subtle body, Kundalini and Siva. It reveals a self-contained practice drawing on a radical new sign universe very alien from previous yoga discourses. This was not about harnessing the human senses’ but about stimulating divine energies located in the body. So there was no urgent etymological need to call this sadhana yoga. A novice modern reader could have labelled it an ascesis – the Greek expression for a single-minded practice or exercise giving some metaphysical benefits.

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