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So we need to turn our attention to the urban intellectual stratum among the upper classes often identified as the Kshatriyas. Such an urban intellectual milieu could easily have developed the kind of sophisticated Samkhya and yoga based monotheistic discourses that we see in for instance the Bhagavad-Gita. Following this assumption it is likely that the social group that maintained and further developed the written yoga discourse was mainly an urban intellectual scene (comparable to Greek and Roman philosophical milieus). It was here that various liberation and monotheistic discourses were developed, while the vagrant Sramana-like groups were more occupied with assisting dying people by organising and implementing rituals of suicide involving yoga.

According to this alternative vision later sophisticated literature like Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and Ishvarakrishna’s Samkhya-karika surfacing around 400 AD are expressions of a dominating intellectual urban upper-class stratum interacting with a disappearing (at the brink of extinction?) practical milieu of Sramanas. Hence as we shall see neither of these two texts were based on hands-on experiences of an oral line ofpractical transmission but were instead theoretical oeuvres.

It is first around 700-800 AD with the emergence of monastic institutions based on monotheism that groups of itinerant ascetics, envisaged by yoga popularisers as the yoga tradition, seem to gain weight and momentum. However, as we have seen among Vaishnavite monks in the Ysam, yoga in such circles played a minor role mainly as a tool for purification. It is doubtful if there was within such monastic institutions any further practical development of the technical use of yoga.

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