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The alternative sociological vision

The alternative vision to the existence of Sramana based yogic groups is the following, based on a sociological outlook. As the Axial Age civilisation progressed it is likely that the Sramana stratum in general slowly withered away as the historical conflicts fuelling it took off. Only the well-organised Sramanas like Buddhists and Jains managed to outlive their initial historical conditioning and adapt to changed circumstances. The reduced surviving Sramana stratum became strongly influenced by monotheism, but there are no written traces that among them were groups of yogis whose main purpose was to practise yoga. Such fragmented Sramana milieus were however in close interaction and exchange of ideas with urban elites, from where most of the ascetic mendicants originated. It is however unlikely that such a declining Sramanic stratum could have maintained and further developed sophisticated yoga theoria and praxis based on proto-yoga and early yoga discourses.

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