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Yoga with nature for DDOS attacks are also a major concern of governments in maintaining Web infrastructure. Large botnets, some of which have already been built from worms, like the Storm Worm and the Conficker Worm, could hypothetically attack the Internet itself or target online banking, power grids, governmental operations, and other essential human services. Like worms, viruses can also replicate themselves in order to spread to other machines, but unlike worms, viruses are attached to another program, like a Word document, or an e-mail attachment, which executes its program once opened. A virus can spread through e-mail, a network drive, or when a user copies or opens files from an infected USB drive to a computer. Trojans, or Trojan horses, are a third major variety of malware. Like their namesake in Greek mythology, these programs are disguised to seem nonthreatening or even helpful in order to gain access. Unlike viruses and worms, a Trojan is not self-replicating, but relies on users to download the program on their own. Yoga with nature photos, Yoga with nature 2016.

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