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Yoga with meditation on This at least raises the possibility that Siddhatta might not have had a wife and child when he renounced the world just as he might not have been a prince with three palaces. AUSTERITIES: BETWEEN RENUNCIATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT Two events are particularly noteworthy in the period between Siddhatta s renunciation of the world and his attainment of enlightenment: his practice of austerities and his practice of meditation under the guidance of two different teachers. The practice of austerities is rather alien to most people in the industrialized Western world, though it is still a prominent feature in many religious traditions. In India, the rationale for such behaviour generally seems to be twofold. On the one hand, the basic discomforts of life, such as becoming hungry, bored, lonely or experiencing aches and pains, prompt people into a variety of actions to counteract them. The ascetic approaches the matter from a different angle. The ascetic accepts the discomfort, hoping to break through to a state of equanimity in which pleasure and pain are treated alike. Yoga with meditation 2016.

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