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Yoga with mantras for One such country with a high rate of software piracy and a high percentage of botnet activity is Brazil. Brazil has been the number one country in hosting zombie computers and, according to Symantec, accounted for percent of all e-mail spam in However, though zombie computers are physically located in Brazil, the nature of botnets is such that the botnet controller could operate the botnet from anywhere on the globe. Hacktivism and Helpful Bugs Though viruses and worms cause harm to computers, it is notable that not all programs that operate without the consent of the user cause harm. While some argue that all programs that operate without the consent of the user are malware, others argue that viruses and worms can be used as valid tools, as harmless fun, or even as political statements. In the beginning of computer programming, experimental programs like the Creeper were created not to cause harm, but to learn the capabilities of different program designs to move to other machines. As programming progressed, malevolent programs proliferated while a few programmers concentrated on creating helpful viruses and worms. Yoga with mantras photos, Yoga with mantras 2016.

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