Yoga with knee pain

Bend your knee when your hands are stable on the ground and drop your hips down. You will flow quickly out of the Half Lotus Forward Fold (12) and finish in Fire Log Pose (13). Grasp your left foot and swing it behind you to engage in the Shinbox Position, with your left heel next to your left hip and your right leg folded in front of your hips (14). Perform a Shinbox Switch (15) to engage in the opposite Shinbox Position with your left leg folded in front of you and your right heel next to your right hip (16). Bring your right foot up and around on top of your left leg to engage in another Fire Log Pose (17). Lean forward, placing both hands in front of you for Half Lotus Forward Fold. As in the first half of this flow, shift your weight forward and come up on the ball of your left foot (18). Press firmly through your hands as you straighten your left leg and bring your hips backward. Lift your upper body up smoothly to finish in Tree Pose, with your right leg in the fold of your left hip (19). You will now engage in Extended Hand Pose, to Lateral Leg Lift Pose, to Standing Bow Pulling Pose, to Extended Hand Pose, and finally to Standing Pigeon Pose (20-24). In this second half of the Forest Row, your right leg is moving through the as ana.

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