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Let us now investigate one of the Darsanas incorporated and tolerated by the Vedantic Brahmin intellectuals: the Samkhya philosophy, very closely connected with yoga. In fact it is through Samkhya sign systems that many today describe and give meaning to the practices of yoga. Many actually identify yoga philosophy with certain varieties of Samkhya. They believe that Samkhya’s signification of the yoga sign system defines the essence of yoga. Hence a short overview of the classical variety of Samkhya is needed.

Having done that we will look into how yoga was re-configured in this utterly transformed institutional environment of Classical Hinduism. We will find that there is some evidence that yoga instead of developing and spreading among the Brahmins probably evolved among the upper strata of society. Here it probably found much more popularity and recognition in the form of theistic yoga forms rather different from proto-yoga and the yoga of the Upanishads.

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