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Yoga with injuries for lead in military technology. South Asia Of all of the regional arms races around the world, the one of greatest concern is that between India and Pakistan, as it is the only one involving nuclear weapons, though the two compete over the size of their conventional weapons stockpiles and forces.

The struggle emerged after the two emerged from British colonial rule in and has been exacerbated by conflicting claims over Kashmir ever since. Indeed, the two countries have fought three major wars, and a number of lesser conflicts, in that past years. And while India exploded its first atomic weapon in the nuclear arms race intensified after nuclear tests by both powers, beginning in Adding to global concerns about the conflict is the fragility of the Pakistani state and fears that some of its nuclear expertise has been, or may be, transferred to other unstable states or states hostile to Western interests or, worse, Islamist terrorists, with whom, some experts suspect, the military and intelligence services have connections.

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Middle East The arms race issue that has plagued the Middle East for generations results from two conflicting but deeply entrenched trends Israel's fear for its survival and the prominence of fiscal resources allowing the petroleum-rich states to purchase arms at a prolific rate. Yoga with injuries photos, Yoga with injuries 2016.

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