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The Northern India-based kingdoms in this period expanded and contracted even outside the Northern geographical region and were themselves invaded by foreign elites. As a consequence they came into contact with many communities worshipping other local deities often belonging to tribal pastoral and nomadic cultures. This means that there was a religio-cultural exchange influencing all those involved. As Northern Indian society was influenced by tribal communities and foreign cultures so many of the conquered communities copied the Northern Indian caste system. Conquered tribal areas were often populated by the professional holy specialists from the civilisation area.

Accordingly we begin to hear about early Siva based ascetic cults, which could have been conditioned or strongly influenced by these processes. Some Saivite cults lived as extreme ascetics. Some scholars have speculated that they were influenced by the Greek Cynics with whom they shared many traits (Samuel 2008). Siva was being seen as an ascetic god and the god of the ascetics. The beginning of the period was dominated by Vishnu cults but at the end of the period Siva worship became prominent.

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