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Yoga with dance for The market thrived, until it did not. When the bond-issuing governments found themselves in debt distress, a new mechanism was needed to restructure the bonds. Unlike commercial bank syndications, there could be many thousands of bond holders whose agreement had to be sought to change the financial terms of any bond. Again, with the IMF and the main creditor governments overseeing the process, an embattled government would offer to swap its outstanding bonds for bonds of lesser value, either lower face value or paying below-market interest rates.

After the necessary supermajority of bondholders as specified in bond contracts accepted a proposed swap, the bond debt would be reduced. One can imagine the give and take between debtor government officials and key bond investors before a promising deal could be launched. In most cases, the creditors survived quite nicely, although in certain cases they lost heavily, notably in curing Argentina’s December bond default and that of Ecuador in December. Yoga with dance photos, Yoga with dance 2016.

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