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Yoga with benefits for We will invite voluntary contributions, including from the oilproducing states, to a new trust fund to support poor countries facing commodity price and other exogenous shocks. Globally and on this basis we are committed to meeting the full costs to the IMF, World Bank, and African Development Bank. We will provide on a fair burden share basis resources to cover difficult-to-forecast costs, in excess of existing resources, to the IMF, IDA, and AfDF over the next three years. We are also committed, on a fair burden share basis, to cover the costs of countries that may enter the HIPC process based on their end- debt burdens. We will also seek equivalent contributions from other donors to ensure all costs are covered, and we will not jeopardize the ability of these institutions to meet their obligations. We will utilize appropriate grant financing as agreed to ensure that countries do not immediately re-accumulate unsustainable external debts, and are eased into new borrowing. We call upon all shareholders to support these proposals which would be put to the Annual Meetings of the IMF, World Bank, and African Development Bank by September. Yoga with benefits photos, Yoga with benefits 2016.

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