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Yoga with adele for Antonio Scorza AFP Getty Images Historical Background Over geological time, the Earth’s forest cover has varied considerably, moving to and from the poles over millions of years as the Earth’s temperature has fluctuated. When the planet has cooled, leading to ice ages, forests have retreated to lower latitudes before advancing to high latitudes during warmer periods, with occasional significant forest dieback during periods of global warming. An example of such a change occurred as a result of a period of planetary warming some million years ago, toward the end of the Carboniferous period, leading to widespread deforestation in Europe and North America. Fire has always played a role in deforestation, with ignition of forests that have become dry due to drought or lack of rainfall triggered by lightning strikes or volcanic eruptions. There is evidence of the deliberate control of fire by humans stretching back tens of thousands of years, which may have led to planned or unplanned deforestation. Hunter-gatherer societies used fire to change their environments to catch animals for food and fur, resulting in localized, and occasionally more widespread, forest loss. During the Neothlithic Revolution B. Yoga with adele photos, Yoga with adele 2016.

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