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Yoga with a chair for org Deforestation Anthropogenic, or human-caused, deforestation is a major global social issue, especially in tropical latitudes. Despite many studies of the contemporary causes of deforestation, there is no general or universal theory of deforestation. Given how patterns of deforestation vary significantly over time and space, such a theory is likely to remain elusive. Continued forest loss will have significant consequences for the planet, its ecosystems, and its people. Forests play an essential role in maintaining climate stability and as a habitat for biodiversity, while also providing a wide range of goods and services for humans. An aerial photograph in reveals widespread illegal clearing of the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil. Deforestation has slowed in the Amazon Basin, but farming, cattle ranching, lumbering, and human settlement continue to pose dire threats. Yoga with a chair photos, Yoga with a chair 2016.

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