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One of the implications of Lamarck’s theory is that there probably exists in all of the species common mechanisms susceptible to reconstruction in function of their organismic, social, and geographic context.3 Today, the most obvious example of such modifications is the mutations of the genes. In the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century, the common mechanisms between the species was the metabolic functioning of the aqueous milieu contained in each organism and the homeostatic mechanisms, which coordinate the requirements of the internal environment and the exigencies of the social and geographic environment.

The Internal Environment According to Bernard

Two themes developed by the French physiologist Claude Bernard4 (1813-1878) are still discussed in the literature:

1. The experimental method. His Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine5 (1865) (the French title refers to biology not to medicine) is always consulted by students in biology, medicine, and psychology in French-speaking universities. This work remains a model of clarity on the subject.

2. The internal environment. Bernard proposed the first consistent theory of the systems of organismic regulation, by discussing the way an organism protects the equilibrium of its internal environment.

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