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Yoga wheel for Since the early s, diagnosis of diabetes has been accomplished by measuring blood glucose levels in standardized ways either by having a patient fast for an extended period of time usually hours or by administering an oral glucose challenge the patient drinks grams of glucose and has the blood tested after two hours. There has been much debate over the appropriate cutoff values for the diagnosis of diabetes and or prediabetes, however, and the generally accepted values have changed a number of times in the past several decades.

For example, the National Diabetes Data Group in and the World Health Organization WHO in established thresholds for diabetes diagnosis that stood for nearly years, while also dividing sufferers into two groups those with impaired glucose tolerance IGT, a form of pre-diabetes where sugar levels are high, but not quite in diabetes range and those with full-fledged diabetes. Diabetes was further divided into three types insulindependent diabetes mellitus, non-insulin-dependent diabetes, and gestational diabetes.

Another major update in lowered the diagnostic cutoff values, defined a new entity called impaired fasting glucose IFG, another form of pre-diabetes, and adopted new category names type type gestational, and other forms of diabetes. Given that glucose tolerance tests are often impractical, due to their cost and the time they take to administer, the primary means of testing has been based on fasting plasma glucose levels. More recently, the American Diabetes Association ADA has introduced a nonfasting test that measures longer-term blood glucose levels called glycosylated hemoglobin as a means of diagnosing the disorder. Yoga wheel photos, Yoga wheel 2016.

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