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Yoga weight loss Pics on This is Manu s version of the varna-asrama-dharma in the form of a story that simultaneously exalts Visnu. Alongside the development of the Puranas there is a parallel systematization of philosophical teachings. The Buddhists and Jains were impossible to incorporate into the new brahmanical synthesis and were, therefore, labelled as heterodox (na-astika), i.e. denying the authority of the Vedas. Other schools, however, were less clearly un-Vedic and could be incorporated even when their teachings had more in common with Buddhism and Jainism than with the philosophies based on the Vedic corpus. Most prominent among these were the Samkhya and Yoga schools, which found a place in the scheme that came to be known as the six orthodox viewpoints (astika darsana). Yoga weight loss Pics 2016.

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