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Yoga weight loss myth for Leaves sword-shaped to linear, mostly shorter than the spike, mm wide. Flowers in a secund spike, bilabiate, reddish to orange, perianth tube mm long, tepals unequal, mm long, the dorsal tepal largest, erect, the lower tepals each with a large, median, tooth-like yellow callus bracts papery, short. Flowering September-November. Clay slopes, KM, LB, SE Riversdale to Graaf Reinet. Tritonia Squalida Alton Ker Gawler Plants cm high corm depressed-globose with tunics of fairly fine, netted fibers. Leaves sword-shaped, mm wide. Flowers in inclined, secund spikes, peri- Tritonia squalida anth almost actinomorphic, rotate, with stamens and style randomly twisted and spreading, pink to purple with darker veins, perianth tube mm long, widely funnel-shaped, tepals mm long, more or less spathulate, lower margins transparent bracts dry and brown, short. Yoga weight loss myth photos, Yoga weight loss myth 2016.

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