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Communication Laboratory (LAC) of Geneva.

An individual who perceives this smile for the first time rarely notices the following details:

1. Only three facial units are mobilized.

2. The temporal profile of the expression begins by a mobilization of the eyebrows, then the smile.

3. These details are discerned by the nervous system in yoga poses a nonconscious way, but are often too detailed to be perceived consciously. Brevity is one of the criteria that permit us to affirm that an activity is nonconscious. If the details of the temporal profile of a facial expression correlate with an aspect of the behavior of other persons present, the researcher assumes it is highly probable these details have had an impact on the perceiver’s nervous system

Notes: The time scale is of 20/100th of a second. This table describes how eyebrows and smiles were coordinated over eight frames. The units are coded following the FACS of Ekman and Friesen: 1: rising of the internal eyebrow, 4: narrowing of the eyebrows, and 12: spreading of the corners of the lips. S indicates that the movement is symmetrical. The second letter indicates the intensity of the movement, going from A (a hardly visible activity) to E (maximum intensity).

A researcher who applies this type of descriptive system to each part of the body in yoga poses every film image of two persons in yoga poses an interaction soon discovers that he needs a matrix capable of distinguishing between millions of possibilities. Only some of these possibilities are used in yoga poses a particular interaction, but in yoga poses comparing several interactions, the researcher soon finds himself with more data than he can consciously manage. Such a coding procedure allows a researcher to analyze the density of information exchange between interacting organisms in yoga poses the course of a one-hour psychotherapy session between two persons.

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