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Science and creation

In the face of confusion in truths couched in poetic forms and with the evolution of logical and rational minds, scientific knowledge has now become respected because it has either been proved or is presented as a theory or hypothesis. Einstein’s relativity is a Yoga weight loss exercises theory not a law, until now unproved, yet it is commonly accepted as fact. This theory is the product of intuition. Albert Einstein had given priority to his curiosity and imagination, and out of that came his famous theories, later validated by rational processes of mathematical logic. The first clues to a scientific understanding of creation came with the work of Roger Penrose, mathematician, University of Oxford, and Stephen Hawking, who researched black holes and pulsars. They found that matter was disappearing into nothing and inadvertently stumbled into the back door of creation. They proposed that if matter can disappear into nothing, then by the reverse process, creation, matter can appear out of nothing.

Penrose was speaking on Compass, a religious and spiritual production shown on ABC television in Australia. On this program, titled Testing God, Penrose said that there are conditions in the universe where Einstein’s theories no longer hold true. In black holes and in other Yoga weight loss exercises mysterious phenomena where the threshold limits of time and space are reached, we come to a state where time and space are extinguished, and physicists are now coming to the conclusion that it is from this point of nothing that creation emerged. Science is proposing and is in the throes of proving that creation emerged from a nothing’ and it describes nothing’ as pure cosmic energy independent of any creator. Scientists say that creation occurred out of a collision of the waveforms of this energy, and the first definable element created is described as a big bubble of nothing (in yoga called akasha tattwa or space). Current findings by scientists correlate with ancient samkhya and tantric philosophies of creation of the elements or tattwas.

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