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Meanings not related to meditation at all – especially through its early years from the Vedics to the Middle Ages. The Yoga Sutra definition(s! ) are in other words too narrow. The problem with using the Yoga Sutra is that it defines a historical branch of yoga at a given time in history, an ascetic branch focussing on meditation.

Both the narrow and the broad definitions are abstract non-historical approaches. They are trying to grasp, unsuccessfully, the timeless essence or core principles of yoga.

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23 Modern cultural studies and above all discourse analysis and genealogy reject the even possibility of this approach. 24 Instead such post-structuralist approaches suggest that we should look for the sociological processes conditioning the on-going changes of the yoga discourse.

Genealogy, for instance, understands human categories – like the yoga sign – as Darwin understood the biological species: they are constantly evolving (as they are formed by an ever changing environment) and the further we look back in history, the more they dissolve and become something else. Hence, this book will alternatively treat yoga as a genealogical category – i.e. as a series of dissimilar individual occurrences, which are continuously evolving' due to historical power conditions (Sarasin 2009).

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