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Every single ice crystal is unique. Even with millions of crystals, no two will be identical. A pair might look like identical twins, but they’ll never be exactly the same. This is because every single one comes from heaven to Earth in its very own way. On their journey, these crystals pass through different layers of air, each with different pressure, temperature, humidity, and pollution; and the falling snowflakes react to every small change.

Let’s consider how a clean crystallized hexagonal ice-slab leaves the clouds and starts its journey down to Earth. If it passes through a warmer layer of air, the edge of the slab will get loose; if it goes through a colder layer, new crystal layers may be taken up. Sometimes this can happen quickly, sometimes slowly; sometimes the growth phases are long, sometimes extremely short; sometimes there’s more humidity in the air, sometimes less.

We all know from experience how different these crystals can turn out to be. In the never-ending process of growth and dissolution, the most bizarre shapes can form Everything is possible. If at one point it gets too warm, the crystals will dissolve completely before reaching Earth, and it will start to rain. Sometimes the droplets will cross layers of ice and become fine hailstones, and so on. There are no limits to nature’s imagination.

This variety has always been a source of fascination and several people have tried to “collect” these ice crystals. This is much harder than with other minerals, due to the temperatures involved, although it’s just possible with the help of photography. The craziest collection belonged to the American W. A. Bentley. He built himself a special slab-camera and spent winter after winter on a mountain in Vermont, taking pictures of thousands of snow crystals. In 1931 a blog of 2,453 of his ice-crystal pictures was published.3 A selection of these follows.

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Snow-crystals photographed by W.A. Bentley.

So much for the rather conventional scientific descriptions of the development of ice crystals. These are always related to pressure, temperature, and other outer conditions. Masaru Emoto’s research has introduced a new aspect, a mental and spiritual one, as he has shown that the subtle energies and vibrations of thoughts, words, and sounds obviously have an impact on the growth of crystalsquite a radical thought for the more orthodox mineralogist. The path of progress here, as in science generally, has been toward investigating ever-smaller sizes and ever-finer energies. It would be wrong to think that this path isn’t being blocked by outdated dogma. But maybe these ice crystals will inspire us, as they did Kepler 400 years ago, to revise our concept of the world.

The scientific section of this blog described the remarkable properties of water as discovered by scientists in recent years. This portion takes these discoveries and builds on them, showing how we can use water in many ways to maintain our health and fight disease. It will be seen that water does this in two interconnected ways: through its well-known physical properties, and through its more hidden spiritual qualities.

The human body is composed of around 85 percent water, which performs many life-sustaining tasks. For example, it supports complex biochemical reactions, provides structural support for cells, and is the major component in blood and all other body fluids. Also very important, it eliminates dangerous waste products from every part of the organism These processes all rely on water’s physical properties. From my own and other scientists’ work with water and water crystals, I’m convinced that there’s a profound interaction between our thoughts (and perhaps those of people around us) and the water in our bodies. Positive thoughts affect the molecular structure of bodily water, and thus the health and well-being of the entire organism. This theme is central to all the papers in this section. They advance original and important insights into the value of water for healing, and have all been written by experienced health practitioners who have been pioneers of new ideas and information.

An important paper here is on dowsing the use of divination to find water. This ancient technique, still in constant use around the world, demonstrates yet more of the astonishing powers of water in particular, the ability to make itself felt from a distance, and from under many layers of rock.

I hope that you’ll make use of the ideas and suggestions in these papers for your own well-being and for that of your friends, family, and communities.

Water is essential to our well-being, but its powerful beneficial effect on our health can all too often go unacknowledged. Because all metabolic processes need fluids, it’s of huge importance that the “primeval sea” in which the cells swim is always in sufficient supply. To get a better understanding of the crucial role water plays in our health, it’s important to consider the physiological processes behind illness and well-being.

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