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The current formal description of quantum mechanics (QM) is completely inadequate to account for any psychoenergetic phenomenon.9 However, if one assumes the simultaneous existence of particle and wave properties for physical matter, all QM phenomena can be quantitatively calculated and yield good agreement with experiment. Simultaneous QM and relativistic behavior calculations for the de Broglie particle/pilot wave concept yield the following10:

Here, vP= the particle velocity, vW is the velocity of the wave components making up the total pilot wave, and c is the velocity of electromagnetic (EM) light. Since relativity theory requires that vP< c, always, Equation 3 requires that vW> c always. In order to avoid complications with relativity theory, these superluminal velocity wave components were dubbed “information waves” because it was thought that such waves could not transport energy. However, Equation 1b and the surrounding discussion indicate that this isn’t correct. Adding item 7 of Table 2, we’ve labeled these waves as

“magnetic information waves,” which leads to the conundrum of how slower-than-light electric particles can interact with faster-than-light magnetic information waves to create the particle/pilot wave entity, a major cornerstone of QM. My resolution to this conundrum has been to postulate the existence of a substance called deltrons, from a domain beyond spacetime, that can travel both more slowly and more quickly than c. The slower-than-c portion of the deltron spectrum can interact with the electric particles while the faster-than-c portion of the deltron spectrum can interact with the magnetic information waves. This situation is illustrated in Figure 2, where one sees that meaningful interaction can occur across the light barrier via deltron-deltron interactions.

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Figure 2: Illustration of deltron sheaths around both v < c and v > c moieties. Deltron-deltron interaction produces the coupling between

such moieties.

Thus, the simplest component in physical reality is the electric particle/deltron/magnetic information wave complex. This is proposed to be the basic building block for all physical substances. The proposed new RF for meaningfully viewing such substances is (1) a duplex RF consisting of two reciprocal four-dimensional subspaces (one of which is spacetime) that is (2) embedded in the three higher dimensional domains of emotion (9D), mind (10D), and spirit (11D and above). Two illustrative representations of this new multidimensional RF are presented in Figures 3 and 4. The deltrons of the revisited de Broglie particle/pilot wave concept are proposed to be a natural moiety of the emotion domain, and they also constitute the coupler substance between the two levels Pnd P2 of physical reality.

Figure 3: A structural representation of our RF with the duplex space in the center. Counting the duplex space as a unique member of

the general 8-space, our RF is eleven-dimensional.

Figure 4: An energy-level diagram embracing both classical physical substances and “unseen” vacuum substances.

Using this proposed multidimensional RF, Figure 5 is the proposed mechanism for explaining how an IIED both (1) conditions a space so that «>eff in Equation 1, is of a significant magnitude and (2) tunes the space so that a specific material property of Level P2 changes in magnitude to conform to the specific intention.

Figure 5: An intention imprint from the domain of spirit imprints a pattern on the domain of mind which, in turn, via a diffraction process, is thought to both activate deltrons and imprint a conjugate pattern on reciprocal space. The deltron enhancement couples this intent

pattern to drive the atom/molecule processes in this level of physical reality.2

Here, the specific intention is generated at the level of spirit and is imprinted as a specific pattern on the domain of mind which, in turn, via a diffraction process, is proposed to both activate deltrons and imprint a conjugate pattern on reciprocal space. The deltron activation couples this intent pattern to drive the electric atom/molecule processes at the P1 level of physical reality. This has been a very, very brief overview of our recent psychoenergetic science perspective; an order of magnitude of additional material on this subject can be found by perusing references 7 through 9.

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