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Fluids and Vegetative Pulsation of the Organism

In an amoeba, the fluids are hardly differentiated. Their dynamics regulate the solidification of the membranes in the constriction phase, and the softening of the membranes that allows various forms of mobility. This mechanism is a first kind of passage between a form of protection against aggression and displacement as a predator. The amoeba can modify the consistency of its tissues by oscillating between several states:11

1. Contraction. By contracting, the amoeba can reduce its volume to take up less space, be less visible, and consume less metabolic energy. This reaction is one of the fundamental phylogenetic reactions of hibernation and various forms of immobilization associated with fear.

1a. Hardening. The quantity of fluids contained in the organism diminishes and the tissues harden. Perhaps here we have the first version of what will become the chronic tension of the muscles, which leads to the restriction of mobility, respiration, and the pleasure in moving.

1b. Hardening is often associated to a disengagement from peripheral activity.

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