Yoga Virabhadrasana I Pose

Autogenic component

1. Run through heavy exercises, ‘warm’ exercises, calm breathing technique, and then move to ‘cool’ autogenic practice.

2. Concentrate on the forehead and repeat the phrase ‘My forehead is cool, and then ‘My face is cool. As with the ‘warmth’ autogenics this phase takes some mastering and may not be experienced by everybody. Provided there is no panic to succeed, and any attempt at desperate striving is firmly rejected, Yoga Virabhadrasana I Pose the repeated auto-suggestion of experiencing forehead and face coolness is often successful. This is a particularly useful facility as it points you towards finishing your autogenics session feeling alert as well as refreshed.

To start with a full 20 minutes will be necessary. If you are pressed for time it might be best to economize on the yoga component.

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