Yoga Viparita Virabhadrasana Pose

Yoga component

Gradually your group has fully developed a repertoire of yoga-type Yoga Viparita Virabhadrasana Pose procedures. Day Nine gives you a chance to revisit certain components before you adopt your regular routine on Day Ten.

1. Stand, stretch and breathe

Start by practising the slow Stand, stretch and breathe for five minutes, synchronized as usual with pendulum breathing. Many people in this group find that this exercise alone is enough to prepare them for relaxation.

2. Leg balance and aeroplane

Move into the Leg balance and Aeroplane manoeuvres if you have found these effective.

3. Rocking

Then concentrate on the Rocking exercise first introduced on Day Eight. If this is going to be a feature of your relaxation in the future concentrate on straightening the legs.

4. Bhadrasana or Virasana

Finalize your yoga-type exercises, and finish with at least five minutes in the Bhadra or Virasana pose. In all probability you will have decided on your mantra, but if you need more guidance turn to Post 3.

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