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Yoga village for A variety of factors may be driving this phenomenon, many of them common to both high-and low-income countries. For example, aspirations to move up the socioeconomic ladder affect how people perceive mechanization of transport that is to say, people who once walked or ran are now driving or riding, which means they are getting less exercise. Such aspirations can affect dietary choices, as processed foods are viewed as symbols of status and luxury among poorer classes.

Limited awareness and constrained purchasing power serve to perpetuate these trends, as calorie-and fat-dense processed foods become more available and financially accessible. Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in India, where more than million people live with the disease.

Public awareness is considered critical to minimizing the effects, as early diagnosis and treatment greatly reduce complications and morbidity. AP Photo Bikas Das Impact One in four people with diabetes suffers from some form of visual impairment, and percent of all cases of blindness globally are due to diabetes. Yoga village photos, Yoga village 2016.

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