Yoga Vasisthasana Pose

Autogenic component

Some people find the self-teaching of autogenics impossible without a personal tutor, others take to it like a duck to water. Today you must perfect the best way to move around in your autogenic-based relaxation technique. Follow the programme you have got to know. Start with your heavy limb sensation, which by now Yoga Vasisthasana Pose will be easy. Having thus heavily relaxed, most of you can move through the warm exercise, repeating several times ‘My arm is warm, as the mantra was repeated in the yoga pose. Although breath-control in pendulum breathing is used as a background to all relaxation, still leave yourself a good five minutes for your ‘My breathing is regular, ‘My breathing is calm, ‘My breathing feels good’ instructions to yourself.

At the end of the period proceed to the cool face, cool forehead exercise – blending this, as soon as the coolness is experienced, into a final autogenic instruction that says ‘I am alert and refreshed.

Indulging in a few good stretches, first of all in your favoured autogenic position and then a final stretch while standing ‘feeling tall’ as you did on your first day, is a good finale.

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