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They are the causes of the physical elements bbOtas and external sense organs. The external sense organs are described in Yoga Utkatasana Pose the the following verse: The sense organs, having sound and so on as their object of knowledge, are hearing, touch, sight, taste, and smell. The organs of action are the organs of speech, grasping, locomotion, excretion, and procreation. 20 The five sense organs beginning with the sense of hearing, etc., are the instruments of knowledge with respect to objects like sound, etc.

Their nature will be described later. The five organs of action described above, beginning with the organ of speech, are mainly the instruments of action, whose fields of activity are speech, seizing, movement, excretion, and pleasure, respectively. All these activities are intimately related to the nhamkara ego. This is obvious from such statements as I hear, I speak, etc., and therefore they are held to be its products.

The nature of the objects experienced by these sense organs, sound, and so on, is described in the following verse: The subtle objects experienced by the sense organs are devoid of differentiation. These are the five subtle elements tanmatras: sound iabda, touch sparia, form riipa, taste rasa, and smell gandha. 21 Whatever is recognised as an object of cognition is one of the objects grasped by the sense organs. What is their nature? They are devoid of specific characteristics. Their distinctions are not perceptible.

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