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They are of general or subtle nature. For example, sound is iabda tanmiltra subtle sound, Yoga Ustrasana Pose pure and non-specific, etc. Other subtle elements should be understood in the same manner. Since the object

The subtle elements and the subject are interdependent, the sense organs and the five subtle elements sound, etc. are the products of ahamkSra ego. YogarBja’s introduction to verse 22 From the intermixing of the subtle objects like sound and so on are bom gross products like earth, etc. This is described in the following verse. From the intermixing of these subtle elements are born the gross objects, the five gross elements, namely, ether, air, fire, water, and earth.

Yogarnjn’s commentary on verse 22 The individual perceptible gross elements bhiltas are bom from the intermixing of the five subtle elements. For example, from gabda tanmHtra the subtle element of sound, the nktiia the gross element of ether, possessing the specific attribute of sound is born. From the combination of tabda the subtle element of sound and sparsa the subtle element of touch, vtlyu the gross element of air having sound and touch as its attributes is bom. From the two subtle elements Sabda and rfparsfl combined with rilpa the subtle element of form, tejas the gross element of fire is born. From these three, stihda, Sparsa, and tejas combined with rasa the subtle element of taste, jala the gross element of water is born; and from these four iabda, sparsa, tcjas, and jala combined with gandha tanmatra the subtle element of smell, prthvi the gross element of earth is born.

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